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GENIUS High IQ Network 

GENIUS IQ Listing Guidelines

If you wish to be listed in GENIUS High IQ Network, you will have to send us proof of your IQ scores (such as the IQ test certificates or the score reports along with the links of the latest norms) to the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

Your e-mail should include the following information for your listing:

IQ Score SD15, Full Name, Country, IQ Test, Personal Website

You may list one supervised/psychologist IQ test and one unsupervised/high range IQ test with a minimum score of IQ 160 SD15 (fourth SD above the mean). Only 1st and 2nd attempts are accepted. Online IQ tests with automated scoring which allow multiple submissions are not accepted. GENIUS High IQ Network reserves the right not to accept IQ scores on tests that do not belong in the list of accepted tests. IQ scores that are proven or probable cases of cheating or cooperation will not be accepted. For every new IQ score listing, we will be using the latest norm of the IQ test. This applies to score reports and test certificates which have been issued with older norms. Preliminary norms are not accepted. IQ scores that have been listed with any official norm will not change in order to follow every updated norm. The SD column refers to the standard deviations above the mean of the general population, which have been reached by the testees on their IQ tests. Our security policy requires verification of your identity, so we will require you to send us a scanned image or a photo of your ID/passport/driving license having your full name, photo, date of birth, and country. Listing your IQ scores will require a donation of 20 Euros using the PayPal button.

Please read carefully the listing instructions. Rejected and incomplete requests will not be processed or answered.

The website content is copyrighted material and you are not allowed to screenshot, archive, store, or transmit the website content. You are not allowed to stalk or harass by electronic means any of the GENIUS staff or members.

Data Processing

The following text must be fully understood and approved before sending your request for joining this website.

Sending your listing requests and accepting listing clearly suggests and proves your explicit consent.

Rules, rights, and obligations are explained in a brief and comprehensive way and request only some minutes of reading. Before sending your listing requests, you will have to provide some data for ID verification and fraud prevention purposes: Full name (mandatory), age (optional), nationality (optional), gender (optional), and IQ scores on supervised and/or unsupervised IQ tests (mandatory). Your name and surname must be proven through a photocopy of your ID card or driving license or student card or national passport. Every other data on these documents must be covered under your own responsibility.

This website offers a platform for intelligence-related activities. It shares no information and has nothing to do with the following:

-Telecommunications industry.

-Marketing and advertising industry.

-Government or non-government large-scale organizations.

-Large-scale personal or sensitive data processing for any reason.

Members who are accepted on this website have to prove their real identity. For this important reason, name and surname (personal data) are requested. The rest of the data asked (age, gender, nationality, and scores) are exclusively used for admission purposes on this website and its related social media pages. None of the aforementioned personal data are shared with any third parties. This website does not cooperate with any other organizations or companies.

If anyone at any time wishes their data to be erased, they may contact the administrator using the above email and request it in writing. Data will be deleted instantly.

Summary - Disclaimer: Since a listing request is sent, it is taken for granted that you have read all information and instructions stated above and that you proceeded with your own and free will. Since this website offers entertaining services only, it is strongly suggested that one does not request listing in case of doubt or any other personal issue.